New to My Big Yellow Bus? Here are some things you might be looking for:

Is my student eligible for busing? Where is my student’s bus stop?

Our searchable help page can assist with any other questions you may have.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. STS Mission Statement
    2. Responsibilities of the Operator
    3. Responsibilities of Parents-Guardians
    4. Responsibility of the School Principal and Designates
    5. Responsibility of Students Using Home to School Bus Services
    6. Responsibilities of STS
  2. Eligibility Guidelines
    1. Transportation Eligibility
    2. Secondary Address for Joint Custody Bussing
  3. Operating Guidelines
    1. Accessibility Standards for Customer Service
    2. Change in School Hours _Bell Times
    3. Cultural Exchange Students
    4. Exemptions to Distance-Based Transportation Eligibility
    5. Kindergarten Students and School Bus Stops
    6. Lost or Stolen Items on the Bus
    7. No Eating, Drinking on the Bus
    8. Oversized Equipment on Buses
    9. Service Design Standards
    10. Special Requests to Bus Driver or Bus Company
    11. Student Conduct Disciplinary Statement
    12. Use of Video Cameras on School Purpose Vehicles
  4. Emergency Procedures
    1. Emergency Provision First Aid, Epinephrine _EPI PEN_ or CPR
    2. Emergency School Closures Affecting School Bus Services
    3. Emergency Transportation
    4. Inclement Weather Causing School Bus Cancellations
    5. Missing Student
    6. Public Notice of School Bus Delays and Cancellations
    7. School Bus Accident Management
  5. Accessible Transportation Services
    1. Accessible Student Transportation
    2. Individual Student Transportation Plans
    3. Respite Transportation
    4. Service Animals Allowed on School Purpose Vehicles
    5. Support Persons for Students
    6. Use of Safety Seats
  6. Administrative Procedures
    1. Problem Resolution
    2. Purchasing Policy
    3. Reimbursement of Business Expenses _Travel and Other
    4. STS Privacy Policy
    5. Use of Social Media
    6. Website, Terms of Use
    7. Workplace Harassment Policy
    8. Workplace Violence Policy