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Is my student eligible for busing? Where is my student’s bus stop?

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The transition from elementary school to high school is an exciting time for you and your student.  School bus service changes for students in grades 9 – 12.  As you prepare for high school next year, school bus information may be an important part of your planning process:

  • School bus service is provided to high school students who reside greater than 3.2 kms from their board-designated high school.  Confirm if your residence is eligible for bus service with the school secretary or at
  • If your student is approved to register at a school other than his/her board designated school, transportation will not be provided. 
  • Some school sites may offer speciality programs that qualify for bus service.  Confirm bus eligibility with the school at the time of registration to avoid disappointment.
  • School bus stops are farther away for high school students – they are expected to walk up to 1.6 kms to access a bus stop in residential areas.
  • Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services assigns your student to a bus based on the electronic student record provided by the school.  All registrations and change of addresses must go through the school.  High school offices are open all summer long to process this information.
  • Bus schedules are organized over the summer.  In order to receive bussing the first week of school, STS must have the electronic registration record for your student by August 1.  For those who register late, bussing will not be provided the first week (or longer, depending on volume of late registrants) and the family will be responsible for providing transportation in the interim. 

School bus arrangements are posted on line in the Parent Portal at  To access the Parent Portal, you require the Student ID number from the school.  The secretary can provide that number to you once registration is complete.