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Is my student eligible for busing? Where is my student’s bus stop?

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Where is my student's bus stop?

Bus stop locations are published in the Parent Portal; please login to find bus stop locations and times.  Schools can also provide you bus stop information.

For security reasons, STS does not give out bus stop locations and times over the phone nor via email.

Can a licensed day care facility have a bus stop created?

Student Transportation Services will consider a bus stop after receiving a request from the daycare. A day care facility may qualify for a bus stop if it is located within the attendance boundary and bus zone for the school and near an existing bus route. Buses will not be rerouted to create service for a daycare facility.

How does STS select a bus stop location?

STS is responsible for selecting bus stop locations.  Door to door transportation is not provided.  Parents are responsible for the students travel to and from a bus stop.

Community stops are selected whenever possible so that many students can be picked up at one bus stop location.  Greenspaces, community mailboxes and corners are commonly used.

In a rural environment, the bus will pick up close to the residence, but is not required to stop directly at the residence.

To learn about the policy which governs how bus stop locations are selected, click here:

I do not like the bus stop location. What can I do?

Students are expected to travel from their home to meet the bus - up to 800 meters for an elementary student and up to 1.6 kms for a highschool student.   Parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for student safety to, from and at the school bus stop.

While parents/guardians often want a bus stop moved closer to the house because of younger infants at home or municipal matters such as no sidewalks, traffic speed, and/or construction etc, students in the non-bus zone and bus zone face the same circumstances and therefore will not result in the bus stop being moved. 

To request a review of your bus stop location please complete the Request for Bus Stop Location Review Form.

Due to the volume of requests for stop location reviews received in September, these will be considered in October.

Buses are running but I don’t think it’s safe. What can I do?

You are ultimately responsible for the safety of your student to and from the bus stop and deciding if your student rides the bus.

You are also welcome to call the bus company who transports your student to pass along your feedback.

What is an "in-service delay"?

Once the buses start their routes, buses may become delayed due to traffic, construction, emergency road closures and weather.  These in-service delays are a routine part of commuting. Where possible bus companies will post in-service delays that are greater than 15 minutes will be posted by the bus company to the delays and cancellations page at

In the event that weather conditions deteriorate while on route, bus drivers are trained to pull over to a safe spot and wait until the conditions improve before carrying on. 

If your bus isn't at the stop at its scheduled time, contact the bus company who transports your student. Bus company phone numbers are available here: