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Is my student eligible for busing? Where is my student’s bus stop?

Our searchable help page can assist with any other questions you may have.

We are moving. How do I change my student's address?

All address changes must be made at the school office; STS does not accept address changes for security reasons. 

Once STS receives the address change from the school, transportation will be arranged.  Normal processing time is approximately 3 business days after you've been to the school office.  In September, processing time may be up to 7 business days.  Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation during this timeframe.

Make sure you ask the school for the Student ID number so you can login to the Parent Portal to check transportation arrangements.  Write it down or store it in your smartphone.

How can I find out if my address is in the bus zone?

Go back to our homepage and select the "Check Bus Eligibility (20XX-20XX)" quicklink, or click on the link below and follow the onscreen instructions.

What is a “primary address”?

This is the primary residential address on file with the school for your student. Transportation eligibility is based on this address. Changes to this address file can only be made at the school.

Click here to review the policy statement:

Our student lives at 2 addresses because of our custody arrangement. How can we arrange for transportation for our family circumstances?

Transportation for students due to joint custody arrangements are considered on an individual basis and are dependent on a number of factors. Terms and conditions apply. Please see the following for more details:

My child goes to a babysitter in the bus zone but our address is not. Can my child get on the bus at the babysitters?

 There is a request and an approval process for this type of exceptional transportation.  Terms and conditions apply.  Read the policy and procedure by clicking here:

 Click here for more information.

Can my child get on and get off at different addresses on the same day?

There is a request and an approval process for this type of exceptional transportation.  Terms and conditions apply.  Read the policy and procedure by clicking here:

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