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Is my student eligible for busing? Where is my student’s bus stop?

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Our student lives at 2 addresses because of our custody arrangement. How can we arrange for transportation for our family circumstances?

Transportation for students due to joint custody arrangements are considered on an individual basis and are dependent on a number of factors. Terms and conditions apply. Please see the following for more details:

Who decides if the buses are delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather?

Your local school bus company is responsible for deciding if the buses operate or not during inclement weather. 

The bus companies review the conditions in the early morning and make a decision based on the information available at that time.  The early decision  time is necessary to provide time to notifiy school bus drivers, school staff and parents so that you can make necessary arrangements for your family.

The decision to delay or cancel buses is made no later than 6:30 AM.  Once the decision is made, information is populated in a weather portal which feeds the